This Must Be The Place

Episode 3: Tenessa Gemelke and Kristina Halvorson on Confab

September 14th, 2020

Tenessa Gemelke and Kristina Halvorson are the driving forces behind Confab, a content strategy and user experience conference that has just completed its tenth year. Since its creation, Confab has stood out from other tech conferences by creating a diverse and vibrant community for its attendees and speakers. In this episode Tenessa and Kristina talk about Confab's history, transitioning Confab to an online event, and their brand new conference Button.

"Without actively soliciting the perspectives and the experiences and the approaches of these folks who are on the front lines who maybe haven't written books and maybe haven't been blogging or don't have a podcast or haven't had the chance on the stage ... if we don't draw those voices in and lift them up we're going to stagnate as an industry. There is so much about giving individuals that opportunity to stand in the spotlight and sit and say their piece and share their wisdom." - Kristina Halvorson