This Must Be The Place

Episode 4: Shawna Potter on Making Spaces Safer

September 23rd, 2020

Shawna Potter is the lead singer for the punk band War on Women and the author of Making Spaces Safer on AK Press. In this podcast we talk about the punk rock community, the importance of all-ages scenes, and how to create safer spaces for everyone.

"Something happened kind of early on in the band, where my brain shifted a little bit and I started thinking that if a band called War On Women can't call out someone in the moment for harassing us or harassing an audience member or being shitty ... If we can't do it, well, who can. I started to accept the responsibility of being in a feminist political band, that is a hardcore punk band. We've got to be ready to back up the righteous anger that we're yelling about, that we're expressing musicall and lyrically" - Shawna Potter